To Whom It May Concern

Hello and welcome. If you are seeing this letter, it would mean that you have accepted Master Zareff’s invitation to the Barony of Hartmile. Please do enjoy your stay in our lovely town. For those wishing for a place to get their fill of food, wine, and song- to the most North of our small town you’ll find The Harlot’s Cup; I do suggesting tipping well, for your own good. For those looking for a place to rest their wary heads, I suggest The Travelling Quail’s Inn which is West of local tavern. Shopping wise we have The Gore-covered Club (a lovely weapons store), The Dragon’s Hall (a potions shop), and The Peasant and the Penguin (a odds-and-ends store).
I understand you are guests here under Master Zareff’s name but please follow the laws just like any other villager would. Curfew begins once the sun has set- this means you are excepted to be in an inn or your home at this time. Another thing, do not disturb Master Zareff.
Thank you and please enjoy your stay.

The Untraveled Path

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